Office Bites 1

Assortment of mini baguettes*

  • Tuna mayo
  • Sweet tomato chutney, rucola and grana
  • Beef caramelised onions and smoked cheddar

Assortment of tortilla wrap halves **

  • Grilled chicken and pistachio pesto
  • Sweet roasted pork belly with Asian coleslaw
  • Falafel, mishwiya veg and tzatziki (V)

Mini bacon and broccoli quiche

Selection of Salads ***

Crispy green salad

Grilled vegetables and feta cheese salad

Cucumber and bean quinoa salad


Assorted French pastries

* 1 mini baguette of the offered selection per person

** half a tortilla wrap of the offered selection per person

*** 70g of each of the salads offered per person