• Kid’s Set Menu

    4.87 exc. VAT
    Kid's Set Menu - 8 Items Children's ham sandwiches Tuna breadroll Chicken nuggets Arancini filled with beef ragu Cheesecakes Cheese and olive pizza Sausage rolls Mini cupcakes
  • Office Bites 1

    8.48 exc. VAT
    Office Bites 1 Assortment of mini baguettes*
    • Tuna mayo
    • Sweet tomato chutney, rucola and grana
    • Beef caramelised onions and smoked cheddar
    Assortment of tortilla wrap halves **
    • Grilled chicken and pistachio pesto
    • Sweet roasted pork belly with Asian coleslaw
    • Falafel, mishwiya veg and tzatziki (V)
    Mini bacon and broccoli quiche Selection of Salads *** Crispy green salad Grilled vegetables and feta cheese salad Cucumber and bean quinoa salad Nocciolette Assorted French pastries * 1 mini baguette of the offered selection per person ** half a tortilla wrap of the offered selection per person *** 70g of each of the salads offered per person
  • Office Bites 2

    11.44 exc. VAT
    Office Bites 2 Assortment of mini baguettes*
    • Slow cooked barbecue chicken
    • Crab and prawn mayo
    • Halloumi, hummus and bell peppers
    Assortment of mini bagels*
    • Avocado and tomato salsa
    • Cream cheese and smoked salmon
    • Turkey and cranberry
    Assortment of filled, savoury croissants
    • Parma ham and brie
    • Cheese, egg and bacon
    Mini mushroom and asparagus quiche Salads**
    • Noodle and smoked duck salad
    • Beetroot, feta and mint salad with honey dressing
    • Pumpkin and French bean salad
    Nocciolette Assorted French pasties * 1 item of the offered selection per person ** 70g of each of the salads offered per person
  • Set Menu A

    8.48 exc. VAT
    Set Menu A - 14 Items Seafood on tuna mousse barquettes Artichoke and speck devilled eggs Tuna breadrolls Arancini with beef ragu Glazed Mongolian meatballs Panzerotti filled with pumpkin and sage ricotta (V) Flaky cheesecakes Pea cake turnovers Olive and artichoke pizza Chicken and bacon involtini Meat pies Timpana Nocciolette Coconut and chocolate profiteroles
  • Set Menu B

    12.28 exc. VAT
    Set Menu B - 15 Items Parma ham and basil pesto barquettes Curried egg tramezzini Goat's cheese parfait with red onion jam Roquefort, apricot & caramelised walnut tartlets Arancini with beef ragu Glazed Mongolian meatballs Leek and hamhock bouchee Chicken skewers with satay sauce Mini Siciliana pizza with truffle, mozzarella & four cheeses Spinach and feta spanakopitas Chicken and mushroom tarts Mini cheeseburgers with onion relish Sausage and fontina cheese-filled croissant Nocciolette Assortment of French pastries
  • Set Menu C

    17.80 exc. VAT
    Set Menu C - 18 Items Open sandwich assortment -
    • Salmon gravlax
    • Parma ham
    • French brie and raddish
    Assortment of tartlets-
    • Roquefort, apricot and caramlised walnut tartlets
    • Bresaola and fig compote
    Goat's cheese parfait with red onion jam Beef, caramelised onion and smoked cheddar mini baguette Chili con carne & Red Leicester chimichangas Arancini with funghi porcini Glazed Mongolian meatballs Chicken skewers with satay sauce Lamb koftas Smoked pulled pork mini ciabatta Duck confit baskets Black truffle mozzarella balls Spinach and feta spanakopitas Pork, apple and prune rolls Crab and prawn thermidor tart Nocciolette Assorted French pastries Caramel and salted peanut cheesecake
  • Vegan Set menu

    8.05 exc. VAT
    Vegan Menu - 9 Items Open sandwich assortment:
    • Bigilla and gherkin
    • Hummus
    • Sundried tomato and olive
    Thai glass noodle salad Three-bean tortilla roulades Polenta sticks with garlic tomato salsa Caramelised onion tartlets Onion bhaji Mini chickpea burgers with mushroom and onion relish Spinach fatayer Salted caramel raw bites


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